About Us

The Templar Fund is operated by a private, retired hedge fund manager with significant Wall Street experience. This person has high public name recognition and chooses not to publish the details of his or her personal identity due to the nature of trading Bitcoin that doesn't require disclosure. Instead, the results are left to stand for themselves.

Because we trade only digital assets, we are not obligated to report the identities or earnings of our clients to any regulatory authority. However, as you may expect, authorities make routine attempts to invade personal privacy in order to determine your digital income. This has become common practice in a world that is primed to trust authority as a result of fear or a misguided understanding of security.

To protect your identity and earnings, we do not publish or offer any information that would allow a specific entity to compromise our client registrar and/or your account details. This is the only method to ensure your account is 100% anonymous and protected from reporting requirements. Our operation is protected by encrypted communication and strategically-placed corporate assets/personal so that a single point of security failure cannot happen, nor can a government entity seize your account.

We expect some potential clients to be unnerved by this. However, we hope that our 100% transparency policy of posting every single trade we make is enough to gain your confidence versus looking at a typical list of corporate officers and their resumes (which can often be false in the first place). We believe this system, of open results and verifiable data, is the manner in which business will be conducted in future generations.

We have been a publicly-accessible hedge fund since November 2018. Our staff has operated together privately since 2014.

The Templar Fund trades as a market maker and provides liquidity to significant digital companies including BitMEX, Bitfinex, Kraken, Blockchain and Privato Bank. We earn profit by realizing the spread between the buyers and sellers of Bitcoin. For a more detailed explanation, watch our video.

We charge clients two fees: (1) a 25.000% profit share and (2) a 2.000% withdrawal fee. The profit share fee is deducted at the end of each trade cycle. The withdrawal fee is deducted at the time of redemption. There are no additional fees or charges.

We at the Templar Fund stake our reputation on the strength and reliability of our financial performance. Accordingly so, we make our complete trade history available to the public, who is welcome to independently scrutinize and verify it. This trade history comes directly from the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange daily settlement report and trade history. We also provide screenshots to validate our control and ownership of these trading accounts. To view the entire public library of our trade history, click here.


Market making is buying and selling the same asset in order to take advantage of the price spread. Another term for this is to "provide liquidity" to a market. For a more detailed explanation, watch our webinar.

No investment returns could ever be guaranteed. We can guarantee, however, that our trade system will be functional every day without down time and that our trade strategy will always be active. This should ensure profits each trade cycle. It is worth noting that the Templar Fund has earned profit in every 30-day trade cycle of its existence.

All investment requires risk. Market making is among the lowest risk trading strategies. While the Templar Fund has never experienced a losing trade cycle to date, it is theoretically possible to lose some or all of your funds. You should invest only what you can afford to lose.

No, the Templar Fund staff conducts all trading & reporting functions.

Our trade cycles are exactly 30 days in length.

No. Our liquity windows are only between trade cycles. You may enter/exit a trade after any trade cycle.


We welcome account holders of any age, country, income level or net worth.

Click the button in the top right corner of our website.

Yes. You will only provide your e-mail address to open an account. We do not require any personal information and will not know your identity.

No. We are not obligated to report your earnings to anyone or any entity.

We welcome clients to trade any amount they desire. For best performance, we recommend at least 0.0100 BTC so you can see non-rounded results, but you are welcome to trade whatever amount makes you comfortable.

We use Bitcoin for accounting purposes. While you may deposit and withdraw any currency, during your time with the Templar Fund you will hold Bitcoin. In other words, this gives you an opportunity to also enjoy the bullish growth of Bitcoin while the Templar Fund earns your returns.


The Templar Fund publishes a comprehensive trade report every 10 days and a trade cycle summary every 30 days. To view the entire public library of our reports, click here. For a more detailed explanation, you can watch our video or read our Account User Guide.

Our reports contain every trade made during the report period. You can use this information to audit our performance.

Yes. Every account will receive a detailed statement at the end of each trade cycle.


Your account statement contains personalized deposit instructions. We accept credit & debit cards, ACH payments (for USD bank transfers), Bitcoin and 20 other cryptocurrencies. You can also deposit cash to ATMs located in 80 countries.

Deposits will post to your account within 24 hours.

No, you may deposit as much as desired.


To order a redemption, please refer to the instructions contained on your account statement.

Yes. You may redeem any amount you desire.

Redemptions are processed within 24 hours of the close of the current trade cycle.


You can reach us at: support@templar.fund. You can also reach us in real time on our discord channel.

We provide world-class support service to our clients. We answer all requests within 24 hours and make it a priority to provide efficient and accurate service.


All media requests are reviewed & responded to within 5 business days. We do offer a free staging package & curated content to all approved media partners, as well as paid placements.