Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind the Templar Fund?

The Templar Fund is operated by a retired hedge fund manager with significant Wall Street experience. This person has high public name recognition and chooses not to publish the details of his or her personal identity due to the nature of digital currency trading. Instead, the Templar Fund's results are left to stand for themselves.

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Why don't you publish your office address?

Because we trade only digital assets, we are not obligated to report the identities or earnings of our clients to any regulatory authority. However, as you may expect, authorities make routine attempts to invade personal privacy in order to determine your digital income. This has become common practice in a world that is primed to trust authority as a result of fear or a misguided understanding of security.

To protect your identity and earnings, we do not publish or offer any information that would allow a specific entity to compromise our client registrar and/or your account details. This is the only method to ensure your account is 100% anonymous and protected from reporting requirements. Our operation is protected by encrypted communication and strategically-placed corporate assets/personal so that a single point of security failure cannot happen, nor can a government entity seize your account.

We expect some potential clients to be unnerved by this. However, we hope that our 100% transparency policy of posting every single trade we make is enough to gain your confidence versus looking at a typical list of corporate officers and their resumes (which can often be false in the first place). We believe this system, of open results and verifiable data, is the manner in which business will be conducted in future generations.

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How do I know you're not a scam or ponzi?

We get this question a lot, and honestly there is no real answer to it. So consider this:

People who ask that question often follow-up with a question about regulation. We will point out, however, that regulators of the past also couldn't provide a guaranteed answer to this question when it came to traditional funds like Madoff Securities or Long Term Asset Management. The truth of the matter is all financial services involve an element of counterparty risk. Here's the good news, though: you can mitigate it pretty easily with the Templar Fund:

We recommend you to consider joining our discord channel to speak with other clients from around the world who have experience with us. Beyond pointing you in that direction, our office specifically goes out of our way to not make a "pitch" to you, as that is what any non-legitimate entity would do. Instead, we simply say this: we are transparent with our results (all of which can be verified on the blockchain), a web search will not show you any complaints of a scam, we have been featured on NBC and ABC, which vetted us, and there are plenty of articles and reviews from people who have used our system. If that isn't comfortable, we respect the fact that we may not be a good fit together.

A ponzi scheme occurs when an entity collects investor dollars to pay returns to earlier investors, which eventually ends in collapse. As can be seen in our trade activity, we earn profit from a third party source (DyDx) and report our earnings based off of this. In other words, our profit is derived from trading and not by quoting the price of our own stock. It is impossible for us to be a ponzi scheme.

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How do I join the Templar Fund?

We welcome clients of any country, age and financial category to open a free trade account.  You are not obligated to make a deposit after opening your account, as we encourage interested people to open an account in order to get access to our program.

To join the Templar Fund, open your free trade account here. Within 24 hours of submitting your application we will issue your account details, including a detailed welcome package that will make you comfortable with the Templar Fund.

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What is your trading approach?

The Templar Fund trades five primary digital currency trade assets: ETH, DAI (an ERC20 token), USDC (an ERC20 token), BTC (synthetic) & USD (synthetic). ETH, DAI and USDC are traded as spot swaps, while synthetic BTC and USD are traded as perpetual futures derivatives contracts. The Templar Fund is able to inject liquidity into these markets on DyDx (DeFi), a decentralized exchange built on the Ethereal platform while retaining full custody of all assets.  

Our trade approach is three-fold:

(i) We act as a high volume market maker for the DAI-USDC stablecoin swap and realize profits due to the price action of DAI moving against USD.

(ii) We act as a high volume market maker for the BTC-USD perpetual swap and realize profits due to dollar cost averaging both sides of the order book.

(iii) We act as a market taker in the ETH-USD spot market and realize profits due to ETH price ascent against USD.

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Are profits guaranteed?

No investment returns could ever be guaranteed. We can guarantee, however, that our trade system will be functional every day without down time and that our trade strategy will always be active. This should maximize the potential to achieve profit each quarter. It is worth noting that the Templar Fund has earned profit in every quarter of its existence, but we do not guarantee profit with 100% certainty.

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Can I lose some or all of my investment?

All investment requires risk. Market making is among the lowest risk trading strategies. While the Templar Fund has never experienced a losing trade cycle to date, it is theoretically possible to lose some or all of your funds. You should invest only what you can afford to lose.

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Am I responsible to conduct my own trading?

No, the Templar Fund staff conducts all trading & reporting functions.

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What are the requirements to open an account?

You may open a free trade account at any time.  We only require a valid email address to open this account.  You are not obligated to make a deposit to your account unless you have made the decision to invest in the Templar Fund (a $100 minimum investment applies).

By opening a free trade account you will gain access to our reports and account holder communications.  We highly encourage interested parties to take this step so that they may examine the Templar Fund in detail.

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Is my account really anonymous?

Yes.  We only know the email addresses of our clients and do not require any personal ID information at any time for any reason. We could not possibly know your identity, as you will never be asked to disclose it to us.

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Do you report my earnings to anyone?

No. We are not obligated to report your earnings to anyone or any entity, nor is it possible, as we do not know your identity or location.

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How do I monitor & manage my account?

After you open your free trade account, you will be added to our communication registrar, which will entitle you to receive our client holder communications.  After you fund your trade account, you will receive a personalized account statement within 24 hours, which will be updated within 24 hours after each quarterly earnings report is announced.  You may also request an account statement at any time from our support team.

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How do I fund my trade account?

Your trade account can only be funded using Bitcoin.  You can purchase bitcoin from ATMs located in more than 70 countries or from one of many online exchanges.

You will be issued a personalized deposit address that you may use to fund your account as many times as you desire.

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What is the minimum deposit I can make?

To trade with the Templar Fund you must deposit the equivalent of at least $100 USD in Bitcoin.  We recommend sending a 5% buffer, as any amount received under $100 USD will be forfeited.  We use the Coinbase price when determining the value of your deposit.

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How long does my deposit take?

We credit all deposits within 24 business hours.

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What is the maximum deposit I can make?

You may deposit any amount of Bitcoin that you desire.

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How do I redeem from my trade account?

You may redeem a portion or all of your trade balance at any time. To file a redemption notice click the button on the bottom of your trade statement and complete the form. We will execute your redemption within 24 business hours.

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What is the minimum amount I can redeem?

You may redeem any amount greater than $1 USD as long as the remaining balance remains above $100 USD.  If your redemption would cause your balance to fall below $100 USD, we would send your entire trade balance as part of your redemption notice.

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How long does my redemption take?

We process all redemption notices within 24 business hours.

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What is the maximum amount I can redeem?

You may redeem your entire trade account balance at any time.

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How do I contact the Templar Fund?

You can contact our support team by opening a ticket from the bubble in the lower right corner of our website.  You can also chat with our team live on our discord channel.

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How do I change my account details?

To change your account's email address, please open a support ticket and include the following information: (1) the present email address, (2) the desired email address and (3) the present balance of the trade account.

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How do I meet other Templar Fund clients?

Many of our clients participate in our official discord channel or comment on our various social media pages.

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Any incentive for me as a broker or introducer?

Yes.  We operate a very attractive broker program.  To learn more, click here.

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