Recent Fund Performance

If you invested $100.00 USD on November 21, 2018 you would presently be holding:

$153.31 USD (before fees)
$139.98 USD (after fees)


Return on Equity: Since 21NOV18

Compounded total earnings


Return on Equity: Prior 30 Day Trade Cycle

Non-compounded actual earnings


Return on Equity: Prior 10 Days

Non-compounded actual earnings

Our Investment Approach

Meet the Templar Fund

The Templar Fund is a private market making trading desk that provides liquidity service to the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. To achieve this we operate a Wall Street grade trading array system. The process of market making is simple and fiat risk-free. A market maker provides volume-based orders that are evenly distributed on both sides of the exchange order book. Profit is achieved in two ways: (1) the payment of maker fees by users of the exchange and (2) the spread of position value. Client funds are traded as a single liquidity block and are comingled with all Templar Fund assets during trade cycles. Clients are not responsible for the creation or maintenance of their own trading accounts, and therefore, are not subjected to KYC or FATCA reporting requirements. This also permits USA clients to participate. The Templar Fund is operational and supervised 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Complete reports are released every 10 days: we publish proof of every single trade we make.

The Impossible Trade:

How we bought Bitcoin at $12,202.50 and sold it with profit at $10,982.50.

Client Benefits & Fund Fees

Low-Risk Approach

Our market-making trading desk offers our clients market access with very low risk. 

Fully Automated Income

Earn profits with a professional grade trade system that is operated by financial experts.

We Publish Proof of Trades

We make every trade public so you can audit & have confidence in our results.

No KYC or Reporting

We do not require ID documents, nor are we obligated to report earnings to anyone.

Our Fees

Fee on Deposit


Charge for Administration


Fee on Profit


Fee on Withdrawal


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