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If you invested $100.00 USD on November 21, 2018 you would presently be holding:

$158.04 USD (before fees)

$143.53 USD (after fees)


Return on Equity: since Nov. 21, 2018


Return on Equity: prior 30 day trade cycle


Return on Equity: prior 10 days

Meet the Templar Fund

Meet the Templar Fund:

Learn about one of the world's best performing and fully transparent Bitcoin hedge funds

The Impossible Trade:

How we bought Bitcoin at $12,202.50 and sold it with profit at $10,982.50

The Templar Fund is a private market making trading desk that provides liquidity service to the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. To achieve this we operate a Wall Street grade trading array system. The process of market making is simple and fiat risk-free. A market maker provides volume-based orders that are evenly distributed on both sides of the exchange order book. Profit is achieved in two ways: (1) the payment of maker fees by users of the exchange and (2) the spread of position value. Client funds are traded as a single liquidity block and are comingled with all Templar Fund assets during trade cycles. Clients are not responsible for the creation or maintenance of their own trading accounts, and therefore, are not subjected to KYC or FATCA reporting requirements. This also permits USA clients to participate. The Templar Fund is operational and supervised 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Complete reports are released every 10 days: we publish proof of every single trade we make. To make your trading process even more effortless, we recommend using trading bots like Bitcoin Code, a successful automated trading platform that buys and sells cryptocurrency on your behalf. Here at bit code al erfahrungen, You can find more about the site.

Client benefits & fees

  1. We Publish Proof of Trades: we make every trade public so you can audit us & have confidence in our results. You can access 100% of our data at all times for peace of mind.
  2. Everyone is Welcome: you are not required to be an accredited investor or to have a minimum net worth.  We welcome everyone, no matter your circumstance.
  3. Fully Automated Income: earn profits with a professional grade trade system that is operated by financial experts.
  4. No KYC or Reporting: we do not require ID documents, nor are we obligated to report earnings to anyone.  Your earnings are yours to keep.
  5. Easy Deposits: you can deposit funds to your trade account in many ways including BTC transfers, credit/debit card, bank transfer and ATM transactions (in 80 countries). Bitcoin is accepted by several companies and organizations. Investors looking to diversify their portfolios must look for the best next crypto to trade if they wish to make a long-term profit.
  6. No Minimum Deposit: you can trade with as little as $1.00 until you are comfortable with the Templar Fund.  We never require a minimum deposit.
  7. Liquidity Every 30 days: you may withdraw some or all of your account balance every 30 days.  Unlike other funds, your balance is not locked for 90 or 180 days.
  8. Low Risk Approach: our market-making trading desk offers our clients market access with very low risk. We do not operate with significant risk exposure & focus on steady profits.
  9. Low Fees: we only charge two fees: 25% of profits earned and 2% of funds withdrawn.  You will never be charged for administration, reporting, deposits or account maintenance.

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