Templar Fund Public Trade Reports (Year 1)

Trade Report IDReport TypeDates IncludedTrade %ROEClient Net Per $100
TF0001A10 Day Period Report21NOV18 - 30NOV1812.210%-
TF0001B10 Day Period Report01DEC18 - 10DEC1804.011%-
TF0001C10 Day Period Report11DEC18 - 20DEC1801.488%-
TF000130 Day Complete Cycle Report21NOV18 - 20DEC1818.447%$14.76
TF0002A10 Day Period Report21DEC18 - 30DEC1801.513%-
TF0002B10 Day Period Report31DEC18 - 09JAN1900.984%-
TF0002C10 Day Period Report10JAN19 - 19JAN1901.011%-
TF000230 Day Complete Cycle Report21DEC18 - 19JAN1903.548%$2.84
TF0003A10 Day Period Report20JAN19 - 29JAN1900.812%-
TF0003B10 Day Period Report30JAN19 - 08FEB1900.216%-
TF0003C10 Day Period Report09JAN19 - 18FEB1900.384%-
TF000330 Day Complete Cycle Report20JAN19 - 18FEB1901.416%$1.13
TF0004A10 Day Period Report19FEB19 - 28FEB1901.280%-
TF0004B10 Day Period Report01MAR19 - 10MAR1900.755%-
TF0004C10 Day Period Report11MAR19 - 20MAR1900.610%-
TF000430 Day Complete Cycle Report19FEB19 - 20MAR1902.667%$2.13
TF0005A10 Day Period Report21MAR19 - 30MAR1900.381%-
TF0005B10 Day Period Report31MAR19 - 09APR1902.027%-
TF0005C10 Day Period Report10APR19 - 19APR1900.490%-
TF000530 Day Complete Cycle Report21MAR19 - 19APR1902.919%$2.34
TF0006A10 Day Period Report20APR19 - 29APR1900.050%-
TF0006B10 Day Period Report29APR19 - 09MAY1900.488%-
TF0006C10 Day Period Report09MAY19 - 19MAY1902.159%-
TF000630 Day Complete Cycle Report20APR19 - 19MAY1902.710%$2.17
TF0007A10 Day Period Report20MAY19 - 29MAY1900.983%-
TF0007B10 Day Period Report30MAY19 - 08JUN1900.608%-
TF0007C10 Day Period Report09JUN19 - 18JUN1900.605%-
TF000730 Day Complete Cycle Report20MAY19 - 18JUN1902.212%$1.77
TF0008A10 Day Period Report19JUN19 - 28JUN1902.701%-
TF0008B10 Day Period Report29JUN19 - 08JUL1902.060%-
TF0008C10 Day Period Report09JUL19 - 18JUL1901.384%-
TF000830 Day Complete Cycle Report19JUN19 - 18JUL1906.268%$4.70
TF0009A10 Day Period Report19JUL19 - 28JUL1900.513%-
TF0009B10 Day Period Report29JUL19 - 07AUG1900.653%-
TF0009C10 Day Period Report08AUG19 - 17AUG1900.917%-
TF000930 Day Complete Cycle Report19JUL19 - 17AUG1902.097%$1.57
TF0010A10 Day Period Report18AUG19 - 27AUG1900.754%-
TF0010B10 Day Period Report28AUG19 - 06SEP1900.374%-
TF0010C10 Day Period Report07SEP19 - 16SEP1900.263%-
TF001030 Day Complete Cycle Report18AUG19 - 16SEP1901.396%$1.05
TF0011A10 Day Period Report17SEP19 - 26SEP1900.597%-
TF0011B10 Day Period Report27SEP19 - 06OCT1900.398%-
TF0011C10 Day Period Report07OCT19 - 16OCT1900.144%-
TF001130 Day Complete Cycle Report17SEP19 - 16OCT1901.144%$0.86
TF0012A10 Day Period Report17OCT19 - 26OCT1900.692%-
TF0012B10 Day Period Report27OCT19 - 05NOV1900.587%-
TF0012C10 Day Period Report06NOV19 - 15NOV1900.697%-
TF001230 Day Complete Cycle Report17OCT19 - 15NOV1901.988%$1.49
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