The original blockchain transparent hedge fund

With 204.038% net return on equity earned for our clients since 2018, we are the standard of excellence in digital asset management.

Earnings summary

Why we are the best

Our stablecoin protects you against loss

Our ERC20 stablecoin known as TEMP is designed to insure clients against future loss by using past profits to establish a fixed exchange peg.

We've earned our clients a 204.038% return after fees

You can trade with confidence knowing that the Templar Fund has impressively earned profit every quarter since 2018.

Everything we do is on the ETH blockchain

Every trade we make, every dividend we pay, and every client deposit & redemption can be seen and verified on the blockchain.

We earn profit through decentralized trading

We trade decentralized (non-custodial) digital currency swaps using ETH and DAI, never giving custody to any third party.

Benefits & fees

Complete transparency

Every trade we make & every client deposit/dividend/redemption is publicly listed on the ETH blockchain.

No KYC or income reporting

You do not even need a trade account to join us.  Say goodbye to invasions of your privacy, as we will never ask for anything about you.

Token-based loss prevention

Our TEMP token utilizes our past earnings to prevent account holders from experiencing loss of capital value using a stable redemption peg.

Preserve your fiat

Because we use a stablecoin-based system, you will capture the upside crypto movements and be protected against the down.

No minimum deposit required

Want to try trading with us without depositing a large sum?  You can deposit as low as 0.000000000000000001 of any token to get started.

1:1 liquidity

You can redeem your TEMP tokens any time or trade them with third parties (even at a profit) if you want to liquidate your portfolio for cash.

Fast redemptions

We process all redemption transactions within 24 hours or less.  And remember, every transaction will be blockchain verified for your peace of mind.

No counterparty risk

We trade only on decentralized exchanges & platforms.  Your assets will never leave our custody & are protected by multi-sig cold hardware.

Professional asset management

Our staff is composed of professionally-trained and experienced hedge fund personnel with real-life experience on Wall Street & in capital markets.

Income automation

Our staff will conduct all of the trading on your behalf, 24 hours every day.  You can sit back and relax while your income is automatic.

Everyone is welcome

We welcome clients from any country, age and income bracket.  We've opened the doors to wealth building for everyone on earth.

Only 2 low fees

25% of profits earned
2% of funds redeemed